June 15, 2024

Boot Fitting


We all know it but it's worth repeating; your boots are your most important piece of equipment. The boot fitting process is something you should not rush through or randomly guess at. All boots fit differently and all skiers and riders are looking for a different fit and different performance out of their boots. Mountainside carries Central PA's largest selection of ski and snowboard boots. With over 100 models to choose from we have the boot for you. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to help you find the boot that is best for YOU. Sometimes new boots work great from day one, other times they need some small adjustments. We stand behind all boots we sell, and will work with you during and after your purchase to make your boots fit great.

Mountainside's core team of boot fitters have well over 150 years of boot fitting experience. In all that time there is not much we have not encountered. In addition to all of our experience we are continuously attending trainings and certifications in order to stay on the cutting edge of boot fitting. We've even hosted regional boot fitting seminars at our shop. It is our deepest belief that it is our responsibility as a specialty ski and boot store to continually strive to maintain the highest level of knowledge and expertise in our fields in order to present our customers with the best possible service. 

Boot Fitting


Schedule an Appointment

For a more detailed fit feel free to call and schedule a time to work with one of our boot fitting experts. We all have busy schedules and this service is a great way to get the perfect fit.

Our Process and Products

Mountainside approaches each boot fit independently and uniquely. We take the time to listen and understand what each skier or rider is looking for from their boots. We then take a detailed look at your feet and lower leg. We utilize the Boot Doc Vandra 3D scanner or Boot Doc Podiscope to give us the exact dimensions of your foot and lower leg (down to the millimeter). Once we have a "picture" of your foot we can then determine the correct support to use inside the boot. We use Boot Doc insoles in several varieties in order to give the best results for each customer. 



We use the Boot Doc Alpine and Power custom insoles as well as the Boot Doc Comfort Trim-to-Fit insoles (available in 3 arch heights), even the Comfort Trim-to-Fit insoles can be heated and personalized to each customer.



When the next level of fit, performance and comfort are needed we also offer custom liners from Boot Doc, Intuition and Zip Fit. 

Once the fitting process is complete we can now take the time to make you even more comfortable on the slopes with in boot heated insoles or heated socks from Hotronic.




Below is a partial list of boot service we offer:

  • Custom footbeds
  • Trim-to-Fit footbeds
  • Shell stretching
  • Shell grinding
  • Canting / Leveling evaluation and correction
    • Sole planing and lift installation
    • Under binding shims
  • Custom Foam liners
  • Custom Intuition liners
  • Custom Zip Fit liners

Boot Flex